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EIT Health Summit 2022

Stockholm (Schweden)
Karolinska Institutet
Solnavägen 1
171 77 Solna
EIT Health e.V.

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Where collective ideas transform the future of healthcare

The EIT Health Summit is a vibrant community of world leading healthcare innovators in Europe. The Summit gathers key industry voices in a bold vision, towards sustainable healthcare transformation that has an impact and delivers better care for all citizens.

Thousands from the healthcare innovation community will join forces at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm to envision

a long-lasting agenda for healthcare in Europe – one bold vision broken down into EU-wide, national and local smart policies, strategies, regulatory frameworks, financing and innovative solutions that support citizens and improve the resilience of our healthcare systems.

A rich programme driving real change

Healthcare has not yet tapped into the full potential of cutting-edge digital technologies and data as well as the critical need to rapidly adopt safe and effective scientific advancements.

Empowered with new experience, we must align healthcare strategies with the digital evolution and socio-economic changes we have seen as a result of the pandemic.

We need people-oriented innovation with purpose, connected data ecosystems, pan-European and multistakeholder cooperation between policy, business, education, research and healthcare delivery.

A clear vision will propel us towards predictive, preventive, personalised, participatory, technology-assisted, data-driven, accessible, affordable and equitable healthcare.

Be part of the discussion and debate on the following topics at the heart of transformation:

  • next-generation health and human-centered innovation
  • rethinking health governance and policy
  • life sciences in transition
  • The disrupters
  • The rise of telehealth
  • Investing in healthcare and innovation
  • Towards a healthcare renaissance
  • EIT Health Catapult Final & Award Ceremony

Why attend?

  • Connect
    At the EIT Health Summit you can expect to meet the best of Europe's healthcare innovation community – all in one place.
  • Discover cutting – edge innovation
    See what’s out there – and what’s in the pipeline – across the sector. The Summit presents an opportunity for innovators to share what they´ve been working on, express their ideas openly and gather feedback from a wider audience.
  • Be inspired
    Our goal is to help improve and save lives across Europe. Our world-class speakers will take to the stage to share their expertise, through inspiring talks, interactive Q&As, workshops, and masterclasses.
  • Push boundaries
    We encourage disruptive thinking. Scientific and digital technology advances, new health policy approaches, ground-breaking ideas - the EIT Health Summit 2022 will highlight what's next in healthcare.

Hybrid event experience

If you decide to join us in real life, you will experience Stockholm, Sweden and the Karolinska Institutet, which is among the top 10 medical universities in Europe.

If you can't make it in person, you will be supported by an events platform and digital tools, to follow the sessions and network with other attendees.

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